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Once a full-time model herself, Iris is now a selftaught artist working on graphic abstract pieces in oil paint. Her work has an early 20th century cubistic air about it, nodding to painters like Georges Braque or Juan Gris. Her first large scale piece has a prominent place on the dining room wall of her apartment. She is not all that happy with it – seeing all the flaws and newbie mistakes – but it is a symbolic piece for her and it is a reminder of where you came from. Started out. Like Lynn she started working as a model early on. Her angelic stature makes her a coveted runway model. She moves like a ballet dancer with grace and femininity. Her look is cool but enticing. So confident and at ease with herself you can’t help but be drawn to her. She was kind enough to let us shoot a lot of the campaign in her private home and workspace welcoming our small but chaotic crew with open arms and a newly made coffee. We fell in love with the place immediately. Her art scattered around the apartment, half used oil paint tubes and sketchbooks you dared not open like a nervous child at a fancy museum. Pictures and postcards of her heroes; Georgia O’Keeffe, Agnes Martin, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman. and many more pop-up when moving your eyes across shelves, officially filled with art books, novels and magazines. Attention to detail. Something the city of Amsterdam is packed with. Every window frame, every shudder, door or railing is a story onto itself. The graphic, artistic and architectural heritage in this city is palpable. A typographic candyshop for anyone even remotely interested in graphic design. They don’t see it anymore living here for years. All the beauty and authenticity. But we do. And we’re fans.


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Whisper White
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Nature Linen
GanjaIW Jeans
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GindaIW Strikket pullover
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