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Empowering women since 1969
INWEAR Autumn 2021


It’s the comfortable and sexy, masculine and feminine. It’s a balance of both, inspired by the versatility of women and how fashion has a way of fortifying us and bringing us joy, even on the most challenging days.

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The Autumn 2021 collection brings a relaxed yet ref ined and feminine look, which is timeless but also suited to our current circumstances, embodying every aspect of 2021 womanhood. The collection’s unexpected combinations and stylish shapes are surprisingly easy and adaptable to many different faces and moods of a woman.

This season the colours have an authentic richness and are grounded with a sense of optimism. The introduction of Dusk Blue and Chili Red refresh and perfectly compliment the classic InWear perennial colours, highlighting their enduring appeal.

Designed in the now, for the now. The Autumn 2021 collection marries functionality with fashion-minded silhouettes, designed with beauty and empowerment top of mind and created to embrace  our new collective reality, so that you can exist in your world — beautifully, with purpose, and forever in style.


INWEAR – Eternally Now